Though I was born in Italy, I consider Spain my adopted home: I inherited a love of travel from Christopher Columbus and a love of words from Dante. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages and a specialty in Gender Studies, and I can't do anything without putting my soul into it. How do I describe myself? Extremely versatile, ingenious and dynamic. 



I offer more than just a  translation and proofreading service from Spanish, Portuguese and English into Italian. I offer an experience of over five years based on quality, attention to detail and professionalism (earned from my hard work, a few mistakes made along the way, and a few doors slammed shut in my face!). This experience path of personal and professional growth began during my university years, when studying language became a springboard to launch myself into different worlds, enabling me to communicate and use a cultural code different from mine. That same path led me to improve my knowledge and refine my skills through training courses and work experiences in areas that were crucial for my background as a translator. Today I can say with certainty that I would make every single choice I made in the past all over again, because these choices led me to my current job, a passion that I cultivate with dedication, professionalism, commitment and the same enthusiasm that led me to face the challenges of the freelance world with courage and the desire to test myself.

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Cosmetics & Beauty: I have translated cosmetic and beauty texts... More info


Literature & Culture: In the cultural and literary field, I perform audio guide translations... More info

Technical translation: I translate equipment manuals for hotels, catering and laundry... More info

Legal documents: In the legal field, I translate agreements and contracts, notarial... More info

Tourism & Travel: In the tourism field, I translate web sites and catalogues for... More info

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When I think of my first trip I think of when I was nine years old when, for my  First Communion, I went to a spiritual retreat with my catechism friends in a place three kilometers from my home, in a Capuchin friar convent nestled in the Umbrian countryside. The retreat held the promise of days of prayer and evenings in the open air around the fire and with the guitar. But it didn't feel right I didn't want to go, because I wasn't able to easily leave my mother and father. And I didn't want to leave my house, my grandmother, my Barbies, my bed, my school days, or my neighborhood friends either. I didn't know it yet, but that "journey" marked the beginning of an emotional ambivalence and conflict that will often be my companions in the periples around the world.


Australia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Thailand and Cambodia were the journeys of the "hippie years", marked by my desire for adventure and separation from my family. I then went on to travel to Cuba, the United States, Israel, Japan and Uruguay with my own family as an adult, and I observed the world and our way of living it with a newfound maturity and in a different way. From these trips, I´ve discovered the many facets of travel. Escape, rebellion, disorder: this is the initial spirit that can motivate the departure. Only later time do you realize that travelling is knowledge and you fall in love with diversity, because by accepting the diversity of others you can begin to accept your own too. And so throwing yourself into an adventure becomes a way to dismantle yourself and rebuild yourself in a distant, different microcosm, where you can know yourself and get to know others. 


The backpack always weighs much more than the ten kilos everybody advise you to carry on your shoulders. It is full of fear, curiosity, malaise, uncertainty and desire - desire to stay, desire to leave. But in the end it is important to leave, because it is an opportunity to separate ourselves from a personality that is often not our true personality, and the plurality of minds, cultures and people we encounter teaches us to discern what we like from what we do not like and to find our essence.


The journey for me is a metaphor for life, it is the discovery of a spiritual centre, a journey through one's own existential geography, it is nostalgia, separation and the hope of return. The journey for me is the crossing of borders, abandonment to the unknown, discovery of the other, emancipation and freedom. It is freedom -especially for women, who are often afraid of going away, who are attracted by the abyss but afraid of pushing themselves, women who are curious and restless but sometimes static and afraid of detaching themselves from their roots and from a space that defines them and gives them value. And so dismantling that role of mediator, sometimes peripheral and subordinate, becomes a vital necessity to asserting oneself, to building one's own identity, to writing one's own experience and to appropriating public space.


You can also travel with words. Translation is an adventure that takes you elsewhere and makes the translator a sort of Ulysses who shortens distances and connects different languages and worlds. Translating is a plunge into the world of words, at the origin of human communication, to try to break them down and recreate them in the context of arrival; it is a subjective interpretation starting from a multiplicity of points of view, a creative process of constructing meaning that, rather than erase the other, welcomes the other. Translation is a bridge that binds and connects, a critical act that does not judge, but educates through the encounter. Translating is changing the form without altering the essence.



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